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Confederate License Plates

July 2 - From the Texas Legislative Black Caucus:

"It has recently come to the attention of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is considering approval of a specialty license plate which features the Confederate flag.
The TLBC can not sit idly by as spectators as this issue is considered. We strongly take issue with the State of Texas endorsing such a license plate whose symbol depicts such a divisive time in American history. While we certainly recognize that honoring veterans of wars from Texas is a laudable tribute, we must always be aware of the effect our actions have on all Texans.
Although Texas and the Confederacy are inextricably linked by history, the symbolism of slavery with which the Confederate Flag has been associated with over time fosters a divisive environment, especially for the African American community.
We, as the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, are not opposed to any individual displaying the Confederate Flag on their property or on them personally. That is their choice. However, we are adamantly opposed to the State of Texas granting a specialized license plate featuring the Confederate Flag, and also profiting from such a divisive image. We urge the Dept of Motor Vehicles to continue with their previous course of action and not approve the Sons of Confederate Veterans specialty license plate."

"You might as well have a plate 
with a lynched black person on there..."

The State NAACP has contacted local units about the proposed Confederate Flag license plates currently under consideration by the Texas DMV, urging members to contact Governor Rick Perry to express opposition. The proposal was defeated with a tie vote but will be reintroduced once another member is appointed to fill the seat of a member who passed away.

State NAACP President Gary Bledsoe was quoted in The Dallas News:

The NAACP said it intends to weigh in heavily when the plate proposal resurfaces."You might as well have a plate with a lynched black person on there as well as that one because of the signal that it sends," said Gary Bledsoe, the group's state director.

He said the group wasn't aware of the proposal but would let state officials know how highly offensive such a plate would be....

[Land Commissioner Jerry] Patterson, a Republican who has said he might run for lieutenant governor, said that if there is a dustup over the plates, "after two or three weeks it will go away and nobody will care."

Bledsoe of the NAACP disagreed, saying that the symbol spurs resentment and anger and is likely to provoke a long fight.

He said the Confederate battle flag never flew over Texas, was never an official flag of the Confederacy and represents to him the fight to maintain slavery. It has since become the banner of hate groups and segregationists, he said.

"Clearly what it's about is racial hostility and hatred," he said. Official plates for the state of Texas should not be a place "where any and everything goes," Bledsoe said. "And because this is so highly offensive to a large number of Texans, I would hope they would understand and appreciate that."

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